Chris Brown Goes To Jail

Posted on Aug 6 2013 - 2:20pm by Josh Foster


The day has finally come and Chris Brown has gone to jail. All I’m wondering is what the hell took so long? This guy starts fights everywhere he goes and has even picked a fight with his own girlfriend (and won) so it was only a matter of time before he ended up behind bars.

If you were excited to find out that Chris went to jail then it will break you heart to learn that it was only for an hour. Chris Brown arrived at the Van Nuys’ jail at 2:40pm and was released at 3:20pm. Not even and hour in the slammer for Chris Brown…damn.

Chris Brown went to the jail to address charges filed against him in a hit and run case. Chris has been accused of hitting a Mercedes Benz then providing false insurance information and refusing to show his drivers license. Like most liars do Chris denied that the allegations were true and no one can really prove him wrong because the car he hit doesn’t have a black eye…I mean any damage. Just like every other celebrity on the planet does when they get in trouble Chris took to twitter to let the world know what he was thinking.

“It’s not a hit and run if u get out the car, exchange information (who has NO DAMAGE to either cars). This is really ridiculous.” Chris said on twitter.

From Mr. Brown’s point of view it looks like the lady he hit could be looking to cash in on this unfortunate accident and go home with a few more zeros in her bank account. That would have to be some sort of ironic justice wouldn’t it? Some scumbag lady does what Rihanna couldn’t do and sues Chris Brown for hitting her. The obvious difference here is that Chris hit this woman’s car and not her face but hey someone has to take this guy down at some point. Hit him where it hurts and since he has no soul the only place to attack is his wallet.

Early this morning Chris took to twitter once and showcased some more of his genius intellect.

“Home don’t feel like home. Too many vacant rooms.” Brown tweeted.

Perhaps he would feel more at home in prison then? There are plenty of people in prison looking for a new roommate. If Chris feels lonely that would seemingly be the perfect place for him. Think about it he wouldn’t ever have to worry about what to wear, he would get fed three times a day and he would get all of the attention he obviously craves. I think it’s a good move Chris and if you don’t behave yourself then it could be coming soon. Brown’s probation from his 2009 assault on Rihanna was revoked last month. Come August 19th he is free pending a hearing about the probation but if he is found in violation he faces up to four years in jail. Come on Chris…violate that probation we are all begging you.



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